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Orchesographie (1:55)
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Dancing Off

Alec McCowen as Arbeau and Ian Ogilvy as Capriol
(reading from Orchesographie)

But, I should like to have acquired skill in dancing during the hours between my serious studies -- an accomplishment which would have rendered my company welcome to all.
That will be an easy thing by reading French books in order to sharpen your wit and by learning fencing, dancing, and tennis that you will be an agreeable companion alike to all ladies and gentlemen.
I much enjoyed fencing and tennis. And this placed me upon friendly terms with young men. But without a knowledge of dancing I could not please the ladies, upon whom it seems to me, the entire reputation of an eligible yound man depends.
You are quite right. As naturally the male and female seek one another, and nothing does more to stimulate a man to acts of courtesy, honor, and generosity, than love. And, if you desire to marry, you must realize that a mistress is won by good temper and grace displayed while dancing. For ladies do not like to be present at fencing or tennis lest a splintered sword or blow from a tennis ball should cause them injury. And there is more to it than this. For dancing is practised to reveal whether lovers are in good health and sound of limb after which they are permitted to kiss their mistresses in order that they may touch and savor one another, thus, to ascertain if they are shapely or emit an unpleasant odor as of bad meat. Therefore, from this standpoint, quite apart from the many other advantages to be derived from dancing, it becomes an essential in a well ordered society.

- Orchesographie by T. Arbeau


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