Stantipes / Trotto (4:31)

Dancing On
The Compleat Dancing Master
The Beginning of the World (1:45)
The Romaunt of the Rose (1:19)
Stantipes / Trotto (4:31)
Histriomastix (1:19)
Nonesuch / Cuckolds All Awry (2:35)
The Dashing White Sergeant/The Devil among the Tailors (3:56)
Much Ado About Nothing (0:24)
Haste to the Wedding / The Triumph / Off She Goes (6:32)
Analysis of Beauty (1:40)
Long Odds / Mr. Cosgill's Delight (2:13)
Sketches by Boz (2:35)
Bonny Breastknot / Double Lead Through (2:40)
Barley Break / Cushion Dance (2:08)
Orchesographie (1:55)
The Hare's Maggot (2:42)
Sir Roger De Coverley (3:11)
A Little Music or The Delights of Harmony
Dancing Off


Rod Skeaping, rebecs;
Jeremy Montagu, tambourine;
Roger Swallow, triangle

Percussion Bridge

Roger Swallow, Jeremy Montagu, Dave Mattacks,
John Kirkpatrick, percussion


Rod Skeaping, rebec;
John Kirkpatrick, regal;
Peter Knight, fiddle;
Simon Nicol, electric guitar;
Ashley Hutchings, bass guitar;
Dave Mattacks, drums;
Roger Swallow, tabor;
Jeremy Montagu, nakers

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